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  • Mathematics Letters | Physics Tomorrow

    Physics Tomorow Mathematics Letters (PTML) Word of the editor. | PTML is an open access international journal which covers the recent trends of mathematics. This aims to provide a great opportunity to the lead researchers worldwide for publishing their valuable works at free of cost. Because I believe that great ideas are priceless. Submit your paper at For further information visit Paper template .doc Cover letter templete .doc Impact Factor UPDATING Contact- See the publication honorarium Submit your manuscript Lets propose a special issue

  • Books | Physics Tomorrow

    Physics Tomorrow Books Physics Tomorrow Letters Now publish your book with PTL books. Research on Microscopic properties of the materials Research on Microscopic properties of the materials: Scanning electron microscope. Research on Microscopic properties of the materials Research on Microscopic properties of the materials Research on Microscopic properties of the materials Scanning electron microscopy analysis of the material properties. TEM-images-analysis for material properties Transmission electron microscopy. This is one of the vital elementary material property investigation technique. Scanning electron microscope Scanning electron microscopy analysis of the material properties. Dark matter research Publish your research on the hypo-physics alike dark matter, string theory, relativistic physics etc. Dark matter Physics Tomorrow Books is publishing the best quality books in a database with a dedicated PTBN . PTBN (Physics Tomorrow Book Number) which is similar to ISBN. To make the article unique we index with a unique PTIN that will be searchable on the internet anytime. Benefits Physics Tomorrow Books always provides the best quality book publishing experience. The best method we use for interacting with the authors. We have dedicated 24*7 hours support system which will resolve any of your queries. The book publication honorarium is only 5000 rupees for Indian authors and $101 for international authors. Please read carefully before making a submission. Physics Tomorrow follows the plagiarism policy and publication ethics. The is stated briefly here. You are welcomed to submit your original book, thesis for the possible publication with us. The manuscript review process is completed within 30 days. ​ Physics Tomorrow accepts a maximum of five authors in a single book. ​ Each book will be indexed by a unique PTBN (Physics Tomorrow Book Number) which is similar to ISBN or ASIN . Preparation guidelines for your manuscript. Cover page Author bibliography (for all authors) Abstract Acknowledgement Use if there any dedication page Table of index Author/s' names Author/s' affiliation Author/s' designation Communication email (only provide the corresponding author email in case of multiple authors.) Introduction The main body of the manuscript Conclusion References

  • Submission central | Physics Tomorrow

    Physics Tomorrow Letters manuscript submission portal Get Your Manuscript Edited No APC payment plans Enquiry on publication fee Infromation to Authors' Authors' Benifits Open Access Policy Terms of Reuse Editorial Guidelines Basic information Home Support About Email Submit your manucript Online submssion Email submission Impact factors Read carefully for online submission The author must follow the few following steps. ​ The important points for submission Submission can be only .pdf or .doc in format. Any type of supplementary document like images should be included on the last page of the manuscript. If there has any datasheet then select yes at the supplementary option in the submission form and after submission when the author will receive the acknowledgement email from PTL then our team will guide you on how to submit the rest files. Each submission should be in the proper template as per PTL standards. One submission must contain a cover letter. Download the cover letter template, fill out the form and save it as a .pdf in the format before uploading. If you don't want to submit the cover letter separately then kindly fill in all the information in the submission form. After submission, you will get the unique manuscript ID kindly to keep it safe. Make sure you are already registered with ORCID . ​ During submission, authors must select the specific journal name. The authors can also select multiple journals if they feel to choose. Note- If one manuscript gets accepted in multiple journals the authors will be able to publish only one journal only the rest will be automatically cancelled. Every individual journal has different acceptance rates and review times. The authors must go through the related webpage. After submission anytime the authors could be contacted by the publication department as per reviewers' requirements. Join as Editor Reviewer Extended indexing Science Citation (SCI) Scopus Submission is open Website is designed simply. Get anything form the search bar. PTL fellowship Best paper award Research sponsorship June submissions will be eligible for award and fellowship. Get is published earlier to apply for it later. Theoretical Physics Letters ​ Impact factor 1.2 Know more about journals

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