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Changeover the Schrödinger Equation

Changeover the Schrödinger Equation

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Quantum theory was originally built on Schrödinger's misfit of the TWO-DIMENSIONAL (complex) "solutions" of the ONE-DIMENSIONAL Harmonic Oscillator equation. The "terrible" consequences of this adjustment "excite the minds." It is for this reason that it is taught that Quantum Mechanics should not be understood, but should be ACCEPTED. But, as shown in this work, non-physical, rough decisions were made and canonized. Namely, on their basis, electronic orbitals were constructed, qualitatively applicable only for the hydrogen atom, but widely used in fundamental and applied science. So the “Strangest Secret” of the theorists is that, in fact, having no Basic Model, they are exclusively engaged in fitting solutions to the “chosen” Schrödinger Equation.

A rigorously mathematical analysis of the oscillations of the Two-Dimensional Oscillator in a paraboloid of revolution gives GROUNDS to believe that it is the Planck-Einstein Quantization, which has been pushed aside by the “developmental”, gives a correct description of a parameter hidden for macroscopic measurements – de Broglie matter waves. This made it possible to obtain a physically-based Planck-Einstein Quantization (P-E_Q) of the Harmonic Oscillator. And it is correct to use P-E_Q for calculating electron orbitals.

Keywords: ONE-DIMENSIONAL Classical Harmonic Oscillator, 2D model, paraboloid of revolution, de Broglie waves, Planck-Einstein Quantization, allowed (resonant) states.

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