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Journal Description

General information

Welcome to website of the Physics Tomorrow Letters. PTL publishes papers that meet the needs and intellectual interests of college and university physics teachers. Contents include novel approaches to classroom and laboratory instruction, insightful articles on topics in classical and modern physics, apparatus notes, historical or cultural topics, book reviews, resource letters, and award talks. It was established in 2016 under the title the Physics Tomorrow Letters.

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Audience and Mission

The mission of the Physics Tomorrow Letters (PTL) is to publish articles on the educational and cultural aspects of physics that are useful, interesting, and accessible to a diverse audience of physics educators and researchers who are generally reading outside their specialties in order to broaden their understanding of physics and to expand and enhance their pedagogical toolkits at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We particularly encourage manuscripts that discuss projects and activities that can be used directly or indirectly in a classroom or laboratory setting.

See the PTL Statement of Editorial Policy for a more complete description of the types of manuscripts that are appropriate for PTL.

Publication, Access, and Author Fees

PTL is a publication of the Physics Tomorrow Council of India (PTCI). Issues are published 12 times per year. Members and nonmembers are equally welcome to submit manuscripts, and author membership status is not a criterion for manuscript acceptance. Still, we strongly encourage authors to join PTL membership in order to obtain personal access to all the journals, receive other professional benefits of membership, and support the publication of PTL and the other worthwhile endeavors .

Individual members have the option of receiving print copies of the journals for an additional fee. If you have included print copies of the journals, they will arrive in your mailbox 4-6 weeks after you join. Additional postage is required to mail journals.

Questions regarding missing issues of PTL from institutions should be sent to our editorial office .


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