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Post the acceptance the author should follow the following steps on or before 20 days to publish their articles.

The author must be punctual enough on submitting the revised manuscript as per the reviewers guidelines will be sent to the author after a quality review.

The author also to be punctual on the honorarium submission for the publication of the manuscript. The honorarium can be submitted online. Once a manuscript is accepted within 12 hours the payment link will be published via an email with the goldendoc to the authors.

The payment acknowledgement typically sent to the authors within 12 hours of the payment.  

The APC payment process is completely guided after the acceptance of the manuscript. The website of the honorarium payment can not be used for the international transactions.

On the payment portal, several transaction methods are available like UPI transfer, NEFT, IMPS, Credit Card, Debit card etc. for Indian authors and for USA  and UAE countries PayPal, wise and Paysend.

If the author does not pay the honorarium within 10 days of the acceptance of the manuscript goes on hold for at least for 15 days. This process is maintained to adjust the punctuality of the released volume. The volumes are released each month in a single release. Therefore, the delay from the author side causes the delay of the publication of the whole volume. To reduce this delay, the already paid honorarium papers are released on time and rest manuscripts go on hold for possible publication in the next volume. If a  manuscript goes on hold then the authors can request for the re-publication of the same at our publication department. After a board meeting by PTCI (Physics Tomorrow Council Of India) the decision on the manuscript is taken later as per the current status and acceptance rates. 

If any author wants to withdraw any manuscript he/she needs to report to the publication desk before 10 days from the acceptance letters delivery to the author. The withdraw charge is 60% of the paid APC untill the 10th day and afterwords no reversal will be granted. Open Access fees  refund policy is same as APC reversal terms and conditions. Note theer will be no refund granted for the manuscript editing or any special services. For the autowithdraw manuscript APC refund is not possible. If an author delays the response on the accepted manuscripts then there has a buffer period of 40 days from the acceptance date. After the buffer period has been completed the manuscript falls under the auto withdraw policy  which allows the publisher to withdraw the accepted manuscripts without any prior notice. If a manuscript gets auto withdrawn then the author falls under the Infringement policy. After the infringement policy is applied to an author, then the author will get blocked for two years minimum from all SCI and SCOPUS indexed journals.

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