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Probing critical states of matter on a digital quantum computer

Probing critical states of matter on a digital quantum computer

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Although quantum mechanics underpins the microscopic behaviour of all materials, its effects are often obscured at the macroscopic level by thermal fluctuations. A notable exception is a zerotemperature phase transition, where scaling laws emerge entirely due to quantum correlations over a diverging length scale. The accurate description of such transitions is challenging for classical simulation methods of quantum systems, and is a natural application space for quantum simulation. These quantum simulations are, however, not without their own challenges — representing quantum critical states on a quantum computer requires encoding entanglement of a large number of degrees of freedom, placing strict demands on the coherence and fidelity of the computer’s operations. Using Quantinuum’s H1-1 quantum computer, we address these challenges by employing hierarchical quantum tensor-network techniques, creating the ground state of the critical transverse-field Ising chain on 128-sites with sufficient fidelity to extract accurate critical properties of the model. Our results suggest a viable path to quantum-assisted tensor network contraction beyond the limits of classical methods.

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