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The True Nature of Matter
(A new theory about the atomic structure of the electron and Dark Matter)

Robert A. Smith
7 Taylor Way, Warwick Gates, Warwick
CV34 7BJ

This paper puts forward a new theoretical model for the Real Electron and postulates where Dark Matter is located and why it has remained hidden from view.
The mysterious electron is postulated to comprise of three parts. Two are identical and have the properties that we associate with a normal electron as it is known today. The third part though is a very exotic particle from the Dark Matter realm that has been called a Dark Matter Electron. The Dark Matter Electron is a positively charged electron but with a negative mass equal in magnitude to a classical electron. This is equivalent to a Positron with negative mass. Thus, the overall mass and charge of the new Real Electron remain unchanged. The existence of a new family of Dark Matter particles is then discussed. One example considered in this paper is a Dark Matter Real Electron containing two Dark Matter Electrons and one Normal Electron. Such a Dark Matter Real Electron thus has an overall negative mass. The gravitational attractions and gravitational repulsions between two Real Electrons are considered and these suggest an increased overall gravitational attraction between the two of six times. In a similar comparison, the net gravitational attraction between a Real Electron and a Dark Matter Real Electron is shown to be zero. The overall mass of the universe is thus postulated to equal zero, which may help to explain the existence of the universe. The concept of another family of negative mass atomic particles is also considered. Finally, explanations of Electron Spin and Young’s Slit Experiment are considered.

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