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AC frequency influence on pump temperature

A.A. Gareyev Nizhnesortymskneft Oil & Gas Production Division, Russia
Applied Science Letters

2022 ° 31(06) ° 1685-8750

DOI: 10.1490/897500.698applsci


Centrifugal pump operation, abnormal operating conditions, nonconformance of pump output to recovery rate, reduction of dynamic fluid level in the oil well, centrifugal pump temperature rise, pump output reduction as a function of the pump shaft rotation speed change, pump temperature decrease as a result of the pump rotation speed reduction, avoidance of salt deposition in centrifugal pumps.



Pretty often, during oil well operation using centrifugal pumps, depletion of reservoir energy and decrease of dynamic fluid level in annulus take place, which leads to the pressure drop at the pump inletP вх . Then, according to (1), the pump temperature T w starts rising. Let us consider the first operating mode (prior to pump starvation) with flowrate Q lf1 ; pump suction pressure Р pi1 , ac frequency  1 and head of the pump apparatus h 1 . Read more.....

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