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Physics Tomorrow Material Science Letters (MSciL)

Physics Tomorrow Material Science Letters MSciL is an international thrice reviewed journal which publishes the novel research and review articles on every dimension of the material science. The current impact factor is 0.98 as per the 2019 update.

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PTMSL is an open access international journal which covers the modern macro and micro-level material science research. This aims to provide a great opportunity for the leading researchers worldwide for publishing their valuable works at minimum cost. Because I believe that publishing valuable knowledge is the best every award.

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Impact factor 2.0

The volume-wise list of publications

A Review on Nanofluids, Definition, Classification, Preparation, Characterization Methods and Application

Effect of Gd3+ ion concentration on photoluminescence and thermoluminescence studies of Y4Al2O9 phosphor

Effect of Gd3+ ion concentration on photoluminescence and thermoluminescence studies of Y4Al2O9 phosphor

Irreversible transformations of 3d lead(ii) coordination polymers via mechanochemistry; precursors for the preparation of lead(ii) chloride/bromide/sulfide nanoparticles

- Irreversible crystal-to-crystal transformations of 3D lead(II) coordination polymers with the ligand 1H-1,2,4-
triazole-3-carboxylic acid (HL), from [Pb(L)(µ2-Cl)(H2O)]n (1) to [Pb(L)(µ2-Br)(H2O)]n (2) and [Pb(L)(µ1,1-NCS)(H2O)]n (3)
by solid-state anion-replacement processes under mechanochemical reactions, have been studied.

Design Analysis of Low-Pressure Acetylene
Generators used in Chhattisgarh State

The Low-Pressure Acetylene Generators used calcium carbide to generate
Acetylene gas. The generated low-pressure Acetylene is used with an oxygen
cylinder extensively by Gas welders in Chhattisgarh state for oxy acetylene
welding. This low-pressure oxy acetylene welding is used mostly in
automobile body repairing work. In this research paper mainly four types of
popular generators are used to study for producing low-pressure Acetylene.
The design construction and working of these lookalike generators are
similar but their capacities and safety to hold the Acetylene gas are different.
These generators are selected by the gas welders as per the experience and
skill developed by them.

Fabrication of Non-volatile Charge Storage Memory Device by Novel doped ZnO nanoparticles with 4.79 eV bandgap

Nowadays, the drastic participation of the nanosized materials in technology have been implicated with various applications which mainly aims the performance optimization, dimensional downscaling, ultra-low power consumption etc. to overcome the fundamental limits of the microscale devices.

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