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PTMSL is an open access international journal which covers the modern macro and micro-level material science research. This aims to provide a great opportunity for the leading researchers worldwide for publishing their valuable works at minimum cost. Because I believe that publishing valuable knowledge is the best every award.

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Electrospun Strontium Titanata Nanofibers Incorporated with Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles for Improved Photocatalytic Activities
Abdulaziz Alharbi 1, Ibrahim M. Alarifi, Waseem S. Khan, and *Ramazan Asmatulu
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Wichita State University, 1845 Fairmount, Wichita, KS, 67260-0133
27 April 2020

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Special issue
Sea Water-The Source of Solutions of Modern-Day Water and Other crucial Crisis
Water scarcity is the most crucial problem around the Globe. It is because of two converging phenomena: Growing of fresh water use and Depletion of usable freshwater resources. The Millennium Development Goals within the United Nations, Millennium Declaration stated that by 2015 they resolve to “halve the proportion of people who are unable to reach or to afford safe drinking water”. In this case the seawater can be the source of the crucially needed “Drinking water” but still it has to be purified for that. For this matter , an idea can be presented for making not only drinking water but also producing H2 and O2 gas by which we can generate electricity , scavenge the essential metals found in the seawater and also can be used to purify air i.e. to decrease the air pollution. Also it can produce its own needed materials by which the processing can be done. So it is a user-friendly process as well as Source of production of the crucial materials (like lithium). So it can be the one type of solution for the water crisis as well as the Air Pollution controlling which are the important aspects for Human life and broadly for our Earth to protect Future Generation.
06 May 2020

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